So it’s a brand new year and a brand new you. You have probably considered starting at a gym or just being a little more active day to day. It sounds good! You’re all pumped up and ready to train hard!!

Unfortunately in recent times gyms have stopped employing fitness instructors to save money so the only people on the floor to help you and make you feel welcome are personal trainers… but that’s going to cost you £30+ per hour! And in a time where more and more trainers are being pumped into gyms each and every week how do you know who’s worth that money?

This is a big reason why I came away from big chain gyms after 10 years, and a huge reason why I provide this service.

The truth is not everybody needs a personal trainer, some people just need a little help and motivation and a way to track results at the palm of their hands.

The Ultimate fitness companion is designed to bring you just that!

With the Ultimate fitness companion you will receive –

  • An ever growing library of fitness and nutrition programs specific to all goals and needs.
  • Tracking tools for performance, weight, nutrition and body composition
  • A personal trainer on hand to answer any questions and offer help through the in app messaging service.
  • The ability to train absolutely anywhere! If you have the space, I have the program for you!
All this for just £9.99

To get started simply click the link and begin the journey to a Battle Ready YOU!