So, from the title you probably think this is another pick me up motivational post… as beneficial as this post may be it is not going to be the motivational quote factory that you are used to seeing on social media. It is in fact a call to action to right those wrongs and to get the best out of your body regardless of what your goal is.

Almost every new client I work with has a set of specific problems that are a by product of our everyday routine and then made even worse by our time spent in the gym. Yes, that’s right, you’re making these mistakes every single time you step in to the gym and taking little steps forward to the inevitable… Injury.

Now this is not your fault. Gone are the days where advice in the gym was free. Gone are the days where gyms would hire trainers to attend to you and help and advise you on your visits all as part of your membership. Everything seems to cost now just like buying your favourite game and realising you have to pay an additional £60 for all the add-ons just to make it playable, the gym is seeming to take the same format with the ultimate cost being your health.

So today I’m going to talk about engaging certain muscle groups and the benefits of doing so properly.

So lets start with the popular topic of the glutes. Lets take the squat for example, although the quads make up a large portion of the leg the glutes are bigger. This means that when we perform the squat that we can only work to the capacity of our smaller muscles and this means that the quads will fatigue 100% before our glutes get to fatigue, meaning that you will more than likely feel much more of an ache in the quads than the glutes and you will notice a lot more progress in the quads leaving the glutes playing catch up.

So, how do we fix this? It’s simple really and we probably see a lot of people doing it around us everyday.

There is a little group of exercises that can be performed with a little resistance bands as a warm up into a squat or deadlift session and what this will do is pre fatigue the glutes slightly so that you feel them working more throughout the workout and ultimately your glutes will fatigue around the same time that your quads do.

This will help your body become more balanced, will help you push your squat to the next level and give you more stability through your hips and glutes while exercising (oh and ladies, it’ll develop that peach you’ve been train for)

So add it into your workouts and enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Stay Battle Ready,